Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Eve 2/28/2013

Thursday night class, it seems to be going in size, that is good.  I have a very hard time working out at night, I am a morning person, but the more I "do" my Thursday night class, the more I like it.  It seems to be a younger crowd and that brings a whole bunch of new energy.  I have began to change my Thursday night class, at least in my head, to be called my Friday Eve class!  It is the beginning of your weekend, the start of the best days of the week.

Paint It Black 3:45 The Rolling Stones
Warm up, deep breaths, get your head in the game, decide how you want to ride this ride
Our Last Night 4:12 Approaching Nirvana
Gradually increase your pace
Let There be Love 3:22 Christina Aguilera
Standing Climb for 2 minutes, get the blood flowing to those legs
One, Two Step 4:26 Power Music
1 minute jumps, 30 second rest, repeat
Alive 4:51 Krewella
Flat Road, breathe, water
Speed Racer 3:48 Moby
sprints, 30 seconds,  start at 30seconds - 1 minute you are sprinting 1- 1:29 rest, 1:30 to 2:30, one minute race pac, 30 second rest
Requiem for a Dream 3:34 Jennifer Thomas
Hill add tension
What You Want 4:04 Boys Noize
Piece of Me 8:25 Britney Spears
One More Night 3:57 Maroon 5 
Four- 4 minute sets, 1 minute up, 2 minutes in saddle, 1 minute of jumps repeat
The Wings 8:44 75% song
When I Was Your Man 3:34 Bruno Mars 
Cool Down
The Approaching Night 6:40 Philip Wesley

Strong and Steady

Strong and Steady, nice strong pedal strokes, deep breathes, consistent energy moving in and moving out, let your brain go where it wants to and let your body work.  Release the tension from the day, from your problems, let your body work, just let the rhythm of the ride flow from the top of your head to the toes on your feet.  Strong and steady, what do you think of?  Waves that roll into the shore at the beach, the constant motion of a train rocking you to sleep, the strong, steady, consistent beat of your heart,......that's what I want today, strong and steady
Want you back 3:33 Cher Lloyd
 warm up

Sail  4:19 - Awolnation 
Have your class stand up and add tension until they are having a hard time moving the pedals, then sit and take the tension down till it is managable, but still the heaviest you can stand, this will be there hardest tension what they will build up to
Blinded by the Light 7:06 Manfred Mann's Earth Band
release tension start at flat road, total of 3 increases of tension, 2 minutes standing 2 minutes in the saddle
Wonderful Night 4:46 Fatboy Slim
still working the above set
Like A G6  3:39 Far East Movement 
 release tension, strong steady easy pace, up or down, breathe, get water
Underneath 5:10 DJ Antoine
Running tension, 7 out of 10, stand for 5 to 10 seconds get momentum then sit down and hold that pace for 30 seconds, 30 second rest, repeat
Clash 5:07 Junkie XL
Rolling hills 30 seconds on, 30 seconds on, 1 min on, 1 min off, etc
Going Wrong 8:18 Armin Van Buuren & DJ Shah
75% song
Rocky 2:48 Bill Conti
Last heavy in saddle climb
Crash into me 5:16  Dave Matthew Band
Cool Down
Possibility 5:06 Lykke Li

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Make it all about ME, well no, it is all about you. 
I want you to say that.  This ride is all about ME, about what I need.
Make this ride your own, make it into what you need, GET what you need.  You have 55 minutes, 3300 seconds of time dedicated all to you!  you body is thanking you for coming to cycle tonight, or cursing you () But I want YOU to get what you need!
55 minutes, what are you going to do with it?  Make it count, make it one step closer to who you Want to be! Choose to make this class worth something.  Invest in yourself, use this opportunity to grow, to improve. Focus your attention, reign in your thoughts, allow your brain to escape, allow your body to take over, Let your body decide the rhythm that it needs. If you get distracted, get on top of your thought process, no matter what!  You control this time, make it all about you, you, you, you....Ride this into the ground!  BREATHE

In DA Club 4:24  introduce this ride with attitude, get them pumped up about themselves
Bad 8:03 U2 - Warm up, breathing, 4 minutes down, 2 minutes standing, 2 minutes down
When I Grow up 4:02 Pussycat dolls
Blood Pumping 7:43 - sprint song 30sec up, 30 sec down, 1 minute up, 1 minute down, repeat
I like it 3:52
Blinded by the Light 7:06
She's country 3:34
Tik Tok 6:54
Wings 8:45
Two hearts beat 4:04

afro cult 3:59


Little Things

So much can be said about the little things.....
“I still get wildly enthusiastic about little things... I play with leaves. I skip down the street and run against the wind.” 
― Leo F. Buscaglia
“You need to let the little things that would ordinarily bore you suddenly thrill you.” 
 Andy Warhol
“Sometimes the little opportunities that fly at us each day can have the biggest impact.” 
 Danny Wallace, Yes Man

A little thing can change your whole mind about something or someone.  Just imagine a small tiny pebble in your shoe, it is not noticeable at all until it works it's way under your foot, then you feel it.  The slight pinge that something isn't right, but you keep walking.  Again you feel it and again, now you are paying attention, WHAT is that?  Where is it?  you have to adjust your stride, shake your shoe around, but it is still there.  Finally you need to STOP, take off your shoe, remove your sock and find the little bugger.  Amazing that something so small, so tiny, can STOP you in your tracks........  Little things can be very important. 

Little things..... like breathing in cycle class,  correct foot placement, correct bike set up, a little too much push on the down stroke of a pedal, shoulders pulled in a little too much during an endurance ride, sitting a little to close to the nose of the saddle, your bike seat a little too high.  You get the idea.....What is your little thing?
If it doesn't catch your attention when it is a little pebble, it will become a bigger thing, until you address it.  I find that A LOT of LITTLE things in all aspects of life tend to run this course.   So today, I am just asking you to pay attention to one little thing.......
 for example:  Breathing, feel the air move into your nose, your nostrils flare, the breath hits the back of your throat, your upper chest, upper back, abdomen expand, you can feel your spine elongate, then PURPOSELY push the air out back up your trachea, through your throat, out your nose and mouth... do it again.... grab each breath and follow it into your body and aware of what it does for you.  Connect with your breathing, with the way your body moves with your inhalation, embrace this LITTLE thing and use it to improve your yourself...
We then can go thru the whole aspect of what breathing does for you, that it will not fail you, that is the great thing about your respiratory system, if you breathe too fast, or too slow, or not at all, inevitable you will pass out and then your body takes over, the perfect, control-alt-delete for your body. 
As you increase your pace, increase your breathing, breathe deeper, exhale with more force,  your oxygen is your fuel, it drives oxygen to your blood, your muscles, your nerves, your brain, if your well-oxygenated, you are calm.
You exertion is low, you perform better physically 

By paying attention to your breathing you can sooth yourself, then you can reach down a bit deeper and expand the limits you have set for yourself.  Make every breath count......BREATHE....
I like to think of your heart as a small scared child that just woke up from a nightmare, your breathe is the parents soothing that small child back to calmness, back to stillness, back to sleep, to security, to comfort........
Now you can use this for multiple rides in the cycle room, you can use the breath example above, or break down the pedal stroke and have a whole class about the principles of pedal skills ( of course don't tell them that!  Just have them concentrate on one body part at a time, breaking down the stroke and describing it, detail by detail, Little thing by little thing)  the possibilities are endless...